Transfer from the airport or port of Venice to Riccione 300 euro

Transfer Taxi Bus from the airport or port of Venice to Riccione

Dear customers, be careful with companies that offer a “CHEAP” taxi transfer (GETTRANSFER -GOOPTI), because the presence of just photos of beautiful cars does not guarantee the reliability of the company. Read reviews on the independent TRUSTPILOT website about any company !!!

Transfer from the airport or port of Venice to RiccioneThe distance from the airport of Venice to Riccione is 285 km. Ordering a taxi, the journey will take approximately 175 minutes. In our company "Transfer Voyage" only highly qualified specialists work. Drivers with many years of experience perfectly know and are guided by the terrain, and will take you quickly and comfortably in the shortest way to the hotel. All our employees speak English and Italian, one can not worry about the language barrier, they will understand and prompt you the information you are interested in. The transfer from Venice to Riccione is carried out at a fixed price, and does not increase due to short stops, traffic jams or time waiting for the passenger at the airport.

Transfer taxi from Venice to Riccione along with Transfer Voyage

The fleet of the company "Transfer Voyage" is presented by comfortable standard and business cars, minivans, buses for 10, 13, 16, 19 seats. In the salons there are air-conditioners. Every year all cars undergo mandatory inspection and comply with all safety standards. We guarantee a safe and fast transfer from Venice to Riccione.

Taxis are paid after the service is completed.

Travel together with "Transfer Voyage", and we will provide you with a fast, safe and quality transfer at a bargain price!

We have established ourselves as a serious, dignified, professional transport company! Clients trust to us! That's what our customers say about us in a review.

We guarantee exactly the class of the car that you have chosen!!!

 Картинки по запросу mercedes e class 2013  

Standard Auto: Any free car

Business class auto: Mercedes BMW Volvo Volkswagen

Minivan for 4-6 passengers: 

Minivan for 7-8  passengers: 

Minibus 13


 Minibus 19


  Minibus 25 




1-3 passengers.



6 passengers.



8 passengers.



13 passengers.



19 passengers.



27    passengers.


Transfer Taxi from Venice airport Riccione

 300 euro  320 euro 330 euro

 500 euro

620 euro 720 euro

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The optimum ratio of price and quality. Only fixed rates!

Just comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, minivans and minibuses

Entrust your trip to our experienced drivers

Free waiting at the airport 60 minutes after landing