Transfer by taxi, bus, minivan, minibus to / from Milan Linate airport to any city in Italy

Dear customers, be careful with companies that offer a “CHEAP” taxi transfer (GETTRANSFER -GOOPTI), because the presence of just photos of beautiful cars does not guarantee the reliability of the company. Read reviews on the independent TRUSTPILOT website about any company !!!

Transfer Taxi Shuttle from and to Milan Linate city/airportMilan, the capital of Lombardy and the second largest city of Italy. It offers many attractions and monuments of the highest class. Above all, this is a huge metropolis, often gray and gloomy. Milan Linate is one of three airports in Milan and its surroundings. Due to the relatively close location from the center, it mainly serves domestic flights and short international routes.

A trip to Italy, and directly to the European capital of fashion, is the dream of almost every woman. And what is needed for an even more comfortable stay? Of course, high-quality and fast transfer from or to the airport, through the streets of Milan, and even to any city.

Traveling alone, with your family or with a large group of friends, we will offer the most profitable and comfortable option for each client.

How to quickly and comfortably travel in Italy with TransferVoyage

Make your trip more enjoyable from the very beginning - think about the transfer from Linate Airport in advance and let us take care of that.

Taxi will be ideal if you need to quickly and comfortably get to the airport with luggage. In addition, you will be met and helped with luggage. Calling a taxi will not be difficult - just leave a request on the website or in WhatsApp or Viber (in English ).

Minivan - this option for the family. Why spoil your vacation with the search for public transport, torn between running children and your wife tired of flying? Just before you go to Milan, order a transfer from Milan Linate Airport to any city! You will be met, assisted, and delivered under the specified address on the territory of sunny Italy.

Bus. We can handle even a large number of passengers, whether they are schoolchildren or students, corporate employees, who have come to an international conference or a group of tourists.

Special features from TransferVoyage in Milan

For more demanding customers who do not like to spend time searching for boutiques and waiting for a taxi under the shopping center, we have prepared shopping tours. A great opportunity to touch the world of fashion with comfort!

For lovers of plunge into history we can provide sightseeing tours of the most famous sights of Italy.

We have established ourselves as a serious, dignified, professional transport company! Clients trust to us! That's what our customers say about us in a review.

We guarantee exactly the class of the car that you have chosen !!!


TransVoyage has a fleet of over 50 vehicles, including 4-passenger sedans, Minivans for 8 passengers and Minibus for 16 passengers, Coaches for 19 ,25 passengers

There is always a free car! We guarantee the car in 20 minutes after the order! 

For urgent order, please contact via WhatsApp or Viber +39 3281829593

 Guaranteed car class that you selected when ordering !!

 We have always a free car! 


 Картинки по запросу mercedes e class 2013  

Standard Auto: Any free car

Business class auto: Mercedes BMW Volvo Volkswagen

Minivan for 4-6 passengers: 

Minivan for 7-8  passengers: 

Minibus 13


 Minibus 19


  Minibus 25 




1-3 per.



4-6 per.



7-8 per.



9-13 per.



13-19 per.



25 per.


Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Cattolica

440 euro 450 euro   460 euro  700 euro    720 euro  790 euro  

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Cesenatico

420 euro  430 euro   440 euro    700 euro  720 euro  790 euro 

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Cervia

420 euro 430 euro 440 euro  700 euro  720 euro  790 euro 

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Grottammare

 650 euro 660 euro 680 euro      

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Milano Marittima

 420 euro  430 euro  440 euro 700 euro  720 euro  790 euro 

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Pesaro

 470 euro 480 euro 490 euro 750 euro  770 euro  840 euro 

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Ravenna

420 euro   430 euro 440 euro  700 euro  720 euro  790 euro 

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Rimini

430 euro  440 euro 450 euro  700 euro  720 euro 790 euro 

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Riccione

 430 euro 440 euro   450 euro 700 euro  720 euro   790 euro

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to San benedetto del Tronto

650 euro  660 euro 680 euro      

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to San Marino

 450 euro  460 euro 470 euro  750 euro   770 euro 840 euro

Transfer from Milan Linate airport to Urbino

520 euro  530 euro 540 euro 800 euro  820 euro  890 euro 

Can't find the transfer? We'll find it for you!

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