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Dear customers, be careful with companies that offer a ‚ÄúCHEAP‚ÄĚ taxi transfer (GETTRANSFER¬†-GOOPTI), because the presence of just photos of beautiful cars does not guarantee the reliability of the company. Read reviews on the independent¬†TRUSTPILOT¬†website about¬†any company !!!

 Moneglia is a picturesque town of the Ligurian coast, which causes a storm of positive emotions. Here, the gentle sea washes the sandy shores, and mountains rise above the multi-colored houses, battling with grandeur and beauty. To relax and admire the stunning landscapes, breathe in the fresh air and get to know the Italian Riviera, you have to think about how to get from the airport to the resort. People come to Moneglia by bus and train, landing at one of the country's air ports. Tourists are also considering the option of taking a taxi or ordering a transfer.

Let's go on a trip

Although the town is remarkable in itself, why not see other equally interesting places in Italy on the way to the resort? After all, you can land in Pisa, where even one day of stay will give a lot of discoveries - from the Square of Miracles to churches, among which Gothic temples, preserved from the Middle Ages, are of the greatest interest. Or you can start the tour from Bologna, Florence, Milan, and then get to Moneglia by train or bus.

However, public transport, although it is the cheapest, is not able to provide comfort. It will be especially difficult to travel with children or with large suitcases. Since locals travel by buses and trains, they are usually crowded. You also have to wait for such transport, because you need to adapt to the schedule. To make your acquaintance with Liguria bright and extremely positive, it is better to find a taxi or order a car with a driver from the terminal to the hotel.

Which is better - a taxi or a transfer?

At first glance, the simplest solution seems to be to use the services of taxi drivers after descending from the plane. However, not everything in life goes smoothly.

‚ÄĘ At airports, there are many who want to get to the hotel with a breeze, and therefore drivers take advantage of the situation - they raise prices.

‚ÄĘ Many taxi drivers take their work lightly - they go on the route without checking the car. As a result, the trip from the airport may end in the most unfortunate place.

‚ÄĘ It is impossible to exclude the risks of accidents, other unforeseen situations, from which tourists themselves will have to find a way out.

Cooperation with a transfer company means maximum comfort and complete peace of mind for the guest of Italy. After all, even at home, a tourist selects a car taking into account his budget and wishes. After the conclusion of the contract, the traveler is 100 percent sure that he will be met by a car with a driver at the air port.

Transfer companies are responsible for the transportation of passengers and their luggage. Therefore, each vehicle undergoes maintenance in a timely manner. The car leaves for the client in perfect condition. The car exactly meets the wishes of the customer, including additional options.

If a large company is traveling, there is no need to crowd or take seats in different taxis. Instead, it is easier to book a bus or minivan with a driver. If a large family is traveling, a vehicle equipped with child seats will arrive at the airport.

Standard Auto: Any free car

Minivan for 4-6 passengers: 

Minivan for 7-8  passengers: 

  Minibus 9- 27 


Destination Auto 

1-3 passengers



4-6 passengers



7-8 passengers


Minibus 9- 27 


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 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Bologna airport 400 euro   460 euro  470 euro  
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Florence airport  295 euro 340 euro  355 euro   
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Milan Malpensa airport  350 euro 380 euro 390 euro  
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Milan Bergamo airport 380 euro  410 euro  420 euro   
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Rome Fimicino airport 700 euro  800 euro  820 euro   
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Pisa airport 225 euro  250 euro  265 euro   
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Venice (Marco Polo) airport  580 euro  670 euro 680 euro  
 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Treviso airport   580 euro 670 euro  680 euro  

 Transfer Taxi from Moneglia to Porto Corsini (Ravenna Cruise Port) 540 euro 570 euro 590 euro  

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The most famous resorts on the coast of Liguria: Moneglia, Chiavari, Forte dei Marmi, Manarola, Marina di Carrara, La Spezia, Levanto, Lerici, Livorno, Lucca, Monterosso al Mare, Portofino, Porto Venere, Rapallo, Riomaggiore, Santa Margherita Ligure, Levante, Vernazza, Viareggio










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