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Dear customers, be careful with companies that offer a “CHEAP” taxi transfer (GETTRANSFER -GOOPTI), because the presence of just photos of beautiful cars does not guarantee the reliability of the company. Read reviews on the independent TRUSTPILOT website about any company !!!

The official carriers of taxi services in Bellaria-Igea Marina are TAXI and NCC.

Taxi drivers of company "Transfer-Voyage" in Bellaria-Igea Marina. Extensive professional experience combined with business and premium class cars. We guarantee the quality of our transport services.

"Transfer-Voyage" is the carrier that you can trust. We drive you to your destination safely and on time. We are waiting for you at the airport, train station or seaport. Our drivers monitor the time of your arrival to ensure service on time.

Our simple online form allows our customers to easily plan transfers to Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Milan, Verona Bologna or any city Italy. You get the date, time, number of passengers, class of car, place of pick-up and final destination. Our simple and convenient online form allows you to place an order within minutes at any time of the day.


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The main task of "Transfer-Voyage" is to provide high quality transport services in Italy and the European Union.

24/7 taxi service to Bellaria-Igea Marina to order a car at any point of Bellaria-Igea Marina for arrivals and departures at the airports of Florence, Rome, Pisa, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Verona of different classes to accompany delegations, conferences symposia, conferences and seminars guides in Florence, Siena, Pisa, Rome and Tuscany easy and convenient online form to order a taxi in Bellaria -Igea Marina.

In Italy, you will discover fascinating architectures, interesting sites and a fashionable style following the highest standards of excellence. 

We have established an English speaking driver in Bellaria-Igea Marina for English speaking visitors. It is important that tourists receive a quality service at a reasonable price, in their own language. 

The 'Transfer-Voyage' service is the right choice if you are looking for a taxi in Bellaria-Igea Marina , which offers quality, security and clarity on all travel matters.

Lowest Transfer price in Italy!

We have established ourselves as a serious, dignified, professional transport company! Clients trust to us! That's what our customers say about us in a review

TransVoyage has a fleet of over 50 vehicles, including 4-passenger sedans, Minivans for 8 passengers and Minibus for 16 passengers, Coaches for 19 ,25 passengers


Renault Trafic Passenger Pictures
Standard Auto:Ford Mondeo,Hyundai I40, Opel Astra,Volvo S40 etc.

Minivan for 4-6 passengers:  Opel Vivaro,Renault Traffic,Fiat Scudo etc.

 Minivan for 8 passengers: Renault Traffic, Opel Vivaro,Mercedes Vito, Ford Tourneo etc.

Minibus 13 seats Renault Master   Minibus 19 seats Mercedes sprinter

  Minibus 25 seats Mercedes sprinter




1-3 passengers



4-6 passengers



7-8 passengers



13 seat



19 seat



25 seat


Transfer taxi from Bellaria Igea Marina- Ancona (airport, city, port)

160 euro 170 euro 180 euro 300 euro 320 euro 350 euro

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Bologna(airport, city, train station)

150 euro  160 euro  170 euro   320 euro 340 euro   400 euro 

Transfer taxi  Bellaria Igea Marina-Venice(airport, city, port)

 320 euro 330 euro 340 euro 510 euro 610 euro   670 euro

Transfer taxi  Bellaria Igea Marina-Viareggio

 350 euro   360 euro  370 euro 700 euro 720 euro   

Transfer from Bellaria Igea Marina -Genoa(airport, city, port)

470 euro 480 euro 500 euro 880 euro 900 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina -Livorno (city, port)

350 euro 360 euro 370 euro 700 euro 720 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Milan Malpensa or Bergamo airport

460 euro 470 euro 480 euro 780 euro 800 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Montecatini Terme

 330 euro  340 euro 350 euro  640 euro  650 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Parma (airport, city,)

 280 euro   300 euro   310 euro  580 euro  600 euro   

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Perugia

 270 euro    280 euro  300 euro 560 euro    580 euro   

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Piombino

440 euro 450 euro 470 euro 780 euro 800 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino airport

450 euro 460 euro 480 euro 930 euro 950 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Rimini airport

 45 euro   50 euro 55 euro  165 euro 170 euro    

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina - Riccione

60 euro   70 euro 80 euro  180 euro  200 euro    

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- San Marino

 80 euro  90 euro  100 euro 220 euro  240 euro   

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina-Sirmione

350 euro 360 euro 370 euro 680 euro 700 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Treviso airport

300 euro 320 euro 340 euro 510 euro 610 euro 670 euro 

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Florence

 300 euro  310 euro  320 euro 620 euro  640 euro  

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina - Forte dei Marmi

 370 euro  380 euro   390 euro   700 euro  720 euro    

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina-Civitavecchia cruise Port

450 euro 460 euro 480 euro      

Transfer taxi Bellaria Igea Marina- Urbino

 150 euro   160 euro  170 euro  320 euro   340 euro    



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The optimum ratio of price and quality. Only fixed rates!
Just comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, minivans and minibuses
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